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Meet Our Team

The team behind HeroTalkies

Pradeep VS

Chief Executive Officer

A Chartered Accountant and Management Graduate from ISB, Hyderabad, Pradeep is our resident strategist. His mainstay is business ideation, fund raising and building businesses from ground up. Prior to HeroTalkies, he was working as a management consultant. When he is not discussing new business ideas and legalese he unwinds with a good biography or a game of volleyball with friends. Apart from being a history aficionado, his travels let him indulge yet another passion – Food. Pradeep is someone PETA would love to hate – with his current count of meat tasting at 17 unique varieties.

Aathitiyan VS

Chief Operating Officer

In Aathitiyan’s current role as COO, he heads content acquisition and client negotiations. His diverse interests and keen business sense makes him the best negotiator at the table. His latent entrepreneurial acumen came out in his third year at engineering when he leased the campus food court and soon turned it into a cosy eatery. His love for movies, and the need to transform the entertainment industry helped him co-create HeroTalkies. Come over to Aathi’s place and you are sure to be fed some gourmet food that can win over even Gordon Ramsay.


User Experience Designer

As a Usability Designer at HeroTalkies, Bala develops compelling user experiences, and interactive & intuitive visual landscapes for our website. Starting out as an engineer, he found his calling in design. Though self-learnt, his visual creations add some much-needed color to our lives. He lives a nocturnal life and the best of his designs are created after 2 am. Away from the design studio, what best engrosses him is a game of Age of Empires, Poker or Cricketing “Football” (You need to get his own explanation of what that is!).

Logesh Kumar

Senior Software Architect

Logesh is a ready to go dynamite. He has such an addiction for programming that most of his day revolves those lines of code. With some Mutton Reyash and Tuna Sub, he can do all-nighters on deliverables. He is one of the bhakts of “Mac” with a life ambition of buying every possible product and upgrades of Apple. Finally, due to his perfumed presence we had stopped buying room fresheners.


VFX Artist

With over 7 years of experience in Visual Editing, Chandran has worked on projects in India and Singapore for many TV channels. He is the recipient of Best Editor awarded by the Government of Singapore for his programme, “Uzhaikum Karangal”. He sees the world through many lenses, as he knows his way around all video and still cameras. He also dons the hat of political psephologist online – with his twitter feed and facebook updates peppered with witty political commentary.


Social Media Expert

Meet our Social Media Hero. Ragul insists that we keep his profile to just 140 characters! So here we go – Computer Engineer, Movie buff, Gamer and Nerd in the making. Believes that short, succinct and insight-driven content can turn audiences into advocates!


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