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About us

Herotalkies is a subscription based Tamil entertainment website that streams entertainment across the World.

The Story so far...

It was a dark and stormy night in the winter of 2012 - one of those nights where you want to order a pizza and watch a good Tamil movie. As a student at ISB, Hyderabad my options were limited to the few that ran in some theatres around me. A quick scan of the local theatres didn’t offer me any choice of a good Tamil movie that I was craving. In the year that I spent in Hyderabad, I was on a starvation diet that the minute I returned home – I went on a binge-movie watching spree. If you are a movie-buff like me that religiously believes in catching a movie premiere hot off the rolls on the first day, I am sure that this resonates with you.
This was the trigger behind the genesis of our HERO. A few discussions with like-minded people brought this nascent idea into a full-fledged business model.
HeroTalkies, we hope, will provide a cultural connect to Tamil audiences around the world through Tamil movies, TV shows and even original content. We hope that you follow the story of our HERO and see where life takes it. Here’s wishing you many hours of happy watching at HEROTALKIES!

Our Features

HeroTalkies – An exciting, new destination for Tamil audiences around the world to watch high-quality entertainment across multiple devices – from TVs to your tablets.

Wide array of content

  • Craving for some classic Balachandar fare?
  • Need to watch a premiere on the first day of release?
  • Want to go on a comedy series marathon?

We’ve got something for everyone. At HeroTalkies, we understand that tastes differ, but what connects us together is our passion for Tamil Entertainment. What’s more, apart from the bringing the latest Tamil movies and we are also building the largest online talkies in Tamil.

Quality Matters

At HeroTalkies, you do not have to worry about pixelated screens, bad audio that often ruin the movie-watching experience. With high-speed streaming, HD-quality content and a future-ready cloud architecture we are here to transform your online entertainment experience.

Our Plans

Our unlimited Monthly and Annual plans are designed to suit pocket. From pay-per view options to unlimited subscription plans, we cater to the preferences of an entire spectrum of audiences from an occasional patron to a chronic cinephile.

It’s Legal!

No more torrenting or pirate sites that could harm your digital device. At HeroTalkies, all content streamed is 100% safe and legal. Now you can be a Hero too, by directly supporting artistes, creators and also helping us fight piracy as a member of HeroTalkies.

Anytime, Anywhere

All you need is an internet-enabled device to turn your big screen TV, or even your 5-inch tablet into the hottest, new real-time entertainment destination with HeroTalkies.

Behind the Scenes

Every idea needs to be nurtured and we are grateful to our friends and family who have seen us through the ups and downs of bringing this idea to reality and often indulged our whims of fancy. We believe that HeroTalkies has arrived at the cusp of an entertainment revolution and our bold ideas are sure to help transform this industry.


SkyBlue Media - Strategic Partner of HeroTalkies in Singapore & Malaysia

SkyBlue Media is a Media and Broadcasting conglomerate based out of Malaysia having interests in the fields of

a) Outdoor Advertising - Business interests involving Conventional Billboards including on Bridges, series of LED Screens and Mobile Trucks in Malaysia and South India.

b) Content Broadcasting - Exclusive partner for Telekom Malaysia for content from SONY, Disney and all other content from the Indian Sub-Continent. The company is also an MSO distributing about 350 channels across 100,000 homes in South India.

c) Other forms of marketing - Property Marketing and other related strategic tie ups in Malaysia and South India

The company has it's business interests in Singapore, Malaysia and South India with ambitions to scale to the ASEAN region by 2018.


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